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This is a semi-private, member site.


In our efforts to remain compliant with Fair Use, we do not run advertising. While joining and becoming a member remains free, video and audio file hosting must be paid by the individual members who upload. The file hosting fee is $0.75 per GB. Please use the ChipIn widget to contribute, whether you just want to help or need to pay for your file space. Please use the "Instructions to Merchant" field to indicate which channel (member name) you are paying for or contributing to, whether it is your own, someone else's, or you just want to support keeping Free Speech alive on the internet.


Until we have a script to provide the calculation of file space being used by channel, we will send spreadsheets out to our paying members one week before the server fee is due each month. We will also post the projected monthly total cost via the ChipIn widget so that those members (and visitors) who are "viewers only" may contribute to a specific channel(s) by specifying the channel (member name) in the "Instructions to Merchant" field, or to the effort in general. General contributions will be used to cover the fees of members who upload video and audio files, but are unable to pay their share.


We will continue to post general membership information, announcements, and the status of any pending changes here so that all current and potential members are up to speed on what's going on, so please visit this page often.


* * * MESSAGES & UPDATES * * *


12/19/09 UPDATE: File Transfer Complete


File transfer is complete. Email support@sureynot.com if you have any questions or problems.


We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during the file transfer / server migration process. The code has been updated to reference the new server where the video / audio files are stored. It is most important to note that ALL EMBEDDED FILES need to be RE-EMBEDDED by TUESDAY, December 22 at NOON CST. The old embed codes reference the old servers that will no longer be available and those video / audio files will no longer play. We apologize for this inconvenience, but as we’ve stated previously, it’s unavoidable.


NOTE: Embed code changes are not mandatory, but your embedded files won’t play without it.




The video player has been has been updated to support the “pseudo streaming” feature and we had to work through some issues with metadata not included in the pre-migration video / audio files. If you find any video or audio files that do not play, please send an email to support@sureynot.com with a link to the page so that we can get it fixed.




The file size limit is 750 MB. If your file is larger than 150 MB, it MUST be in FLV format. Audio files must be in MP3 format.


There are issues with file encoding, as most of our older members are aware, that will jam the queue. To avoid this issue, please convert your video files to FLV first. If you don’t, there is a strong possibility that your file will not encode properly and will not process, wasting your time and jamming the queue.


There are several good, free file converters available, one we recommend is the Free FLV Converter by Koyote Software: http://koyotesoft.com/indexEn.html.




When you upload larger files, there may be issues with a thumbnail not being generated when it’s processed. If this happens, send the image you would like to use as the thumbnail in JPG format – preferably 120px × 90px, but we can resize it for you – with a link to the video’s page and we will replace the “missing thumbnail” for you.




We will be adding a FAQ section in the near future for your reference.




We will be updating our TOS (Terms of Service – These are the terms that all members agree to when they join), to reflect our new membership / community guidelines. We are still working out the details on that. When that has been uploaded, we will post a note here so that all existing members may go review those changes. The biggest change is your agreement to pay for the space your video / audio files are using.




We’ve updated the ChipIn widget for January 2010 server space fees that are due on Saturday, January 16. Updated spreadsheets will be sent out to paying members the week before.




A special thank you goes out to those members and visitors who donated funds above and beyond their incurred usage. Contributions collected are used to cover the fees of members who upload video and audio files, but are unable to pay their share.


Thank you for your support of free speech on the internet.


The Team at sureYnot.com




12/14/09 UPDATE: File Transfer Timeline


We ask that everyone not upload any new video or audio files until the transfer is complete,
out of respect to our current hosting company. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • The DEADLINE for paying for your file space is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16, at 9am CST.
    (Unless you contact us to make other arrangements.)


  • We will then DELETE files that are not paid for.


  • The transfer of the remaining files of paying members (and those files covered by contributions) to our new server will begin WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 at NOON CST and should be complete by SATURDAY, December 19 at NOON CST.


  • We will post an announcement here when it's done.


Please note that all embedded files' URLs will change with the new server. ALL existing embedded file paths (URL / Embed / BBC) will be incorrect. We apologize for the inconvenience of having to go back and re-embed your video / audio files on your blogs, forums and other websites, but it's unavoidable with this kind of configuration change.


Thank you for bearing with us during this transition.


12/12/09 Email: The New ChipIn Widget


Hello sureYnot Members,


It has come to our attention that some members who are viewers only are willing to contribute to help with the new server cost to be able to continue to watch videos uploaded by members who may not be able to cover their share of the cost. In light of that, we've added a "chip in" widget to make it easy for everyone to contribute, whether they just want to help or need to pay their share.


Please be aware that we are still creating spreadsheets for members who have contacted us that plan to stay and pay. We have decided it would be easier for all members -- those who are covering just their share and those who are covering others who can't -- to use the "chip in" widget to make their contribution instead of us sending individual PayPal money requests. We ask that members who have paid their share via the "chip in" widget send an email to support@sureynot.com to confirm their file space was paid for.


Please bear with us during this transition, growing pains can be painful. We will do our best to streamline the process once everything is in place.


Thanks again for your support of free speech on the internet.



The Team at sureYnot

sureYnot.com (a project of ByteMeGeeks)


12/10/09 Email: Time Sensitive Message from sureYnot.com


Hello sureYnot Members,


We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the site is growing rapidly and the team at sureYnot thank you for that. The bad news is, the site is growing rapidly and hosting is becoming a problem.


There is only one solution we can come up with since regretfully, we aren't independently wealthy. We have to transfer the hosting to a solution that is paid for by the amount of space that is used. This process has to be completed by Jan 1st according to our current hosting company, who was very generous in allowing us time to transfer files and notify our members. In addition to the cost of the actual data transfer, we will now have to pay for the amount of space necessary to host your video and audio files. What this means for you as members is that each month you will have to pay for the amount of space your video and audio files take up.


The cost of disk space on our new server is $0.75 per 1GB. Extremely reasonable as bandwidth will not be metered and therefore will not add to the monthly cost. For those who plan to stay and pay for their space, we will total the amount of disk space being used for your files and send a PayPal money request each month to the email address you have in your account profile. If you prefer the monthly PayPal money request to be sent to a different email address, please update your profile before December 16.


We need an email confirming that you plan to stay and pay for your files no later than Wednesday, December 16. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you do not plan to pay for the space your files are using and will delete those files. If we do receive an email from you, we will total your existing files' disk space and send you a PayPal money request that will need to be paid by Friday, December 18, 6pm CST. If you plan to stay and pay, but the deadline is a problem, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.


The transfer of the remaining files of paying members to our new server will begin Friday, December 18 at 9pm CST. New uploads will be suspended during this process. There may be issues with current video / audio files playing correctly. We expect the file transfer and new script configuration to be completed by Monday, December 21.


Please be aware that part of the fallout of this server change is that ALL current embedded file paths (URL / Embed / BBC) will be incorrect. We have discussed this with our IT staff and although a "redirect" could be added, it is problematic in the long term. So, we have decided to not go that route. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of having to go back and re-embed your video / audio files on your blogs, forums and other websites, but it's unavoidable at this juncture. If all goes according to plan, this will not happen again.


We know that this is not good news, nor is it good timing with the holidays approaching. However, it is a necessity if we are to keep sureYnot up and running. We strive to provide a home for videos that are frequently evicted from other video hosting sites. It is our hope, that we can keep our virtual "doors" open with a little help from our members. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@sureynot.com.



The Team at sureYnot






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