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  • video pic
  • 20090319 Stewart Rhodes on Alex Jones
  • Alex welcomes Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT “just follow orders,” will stand for l...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2137 )    Duration: ( 01:12:00 )     Uploaded: 04-06-09
  • Tags: Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers, defend the Cons...
  • video pic
  • The Prophecy of the 8th Fire
  • They will come to a fork in the road.<br />
    <br />
    One road will lead to Materialism and Destruction,<br />
    for almost all living creatures.<br />
    <br />
    The other road will lead to a Spiritual W...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2134 )    Duration: ( 00:07:08 )     Uploaded: 04-16-09
  • Tags: The Prophecy of the 8th Fire, Native American...
  • video pic
  • 1 in 78 Under State Surveilannce In The UK
  • Aug 10, 2009<br />
    Britain Becomes A 'Snooping' Society<br />
    <br />
    New figures show that people's personal records are accessed by police, security services and local councils every minute of the...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 3215 )    Duration: ( 00:00:42 )     Uploaded: 08-13-09
  • Tags: new world order illuminati haarp neocon monsa...
  • video pic
  • Unnecessary Force By G20 Cops
  • Luke Rudkowski of Wearechange.org schools Pittsburgh police on their duty to the constitution and their oath. Police use LRAD sound cannons and tear gas on peaceful protesters. <br />
    <br />
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2019 )    Duration: ( 00:10:45 )     Uploaded: 09-26-09
  • Tags: Unnecessary Force By G20 Cops, Luke Rudkowski...
  • video pic
  • G20 Riot Police Use Brutal Unprovoked Force
  • Police used tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets against University of Pittsburgh students during the Pittsburgh G20 Summit. A young couple was brutally attacked and beaten. These cops appear to ...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 1826 )    Duration: ( 00:04:29 )     Uploaded: 09-26-09
  • Tags: G20 Riot Police Use Brutal Unprovoked Force
  • video pic
  • Freedom Next Time by John Pilger
  • Australian journalist, author, film maker John Pilger speaks about global media consolidation, war by journalism, US military's quest for domination/hegemony in the post 9/11 era, false history in the...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2012 )    Duration: ( 00:43:43 )     Uploaded: 09-30-09
  • Tags: Freedom Next Time by John Pilger
  • video pic
  • Police State 2 - The Takeover
  • Alex Jones exposes the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm being used to terrorize the american people into accepting a highly controlled and oppressive society. See how the left-wing anarchist groups ...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2162 )    Duration: ( 00:00:02 )     Uploaded: 10-02-09
  • Tags: Police State 2 - The Takeover, Alex Jones, Pr...
  • video pic
  • Living Water
  • visit www.revivalhut.com Pastor Ron Bateman teaches about experiencing the Holy Spirit and those Rivers of Living Water that Overflow as New Life.
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2500 )    Duration: ( 00:29:57 )     Uploaded: 07-19-10
  • Tags: Holy Spirit, Jesus, Overflow, Pastor Ron Bate...
  • video pic
  • Watchman Video Broadcast 09-19-10
  • Topics: We just created the Evil Robot, The Imaginations of Man, Peace and Safety. Visit www.mikehoggard.com
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2086 )    Duration: ( 00:55:00 )     Uploaded: 09-19-10
  • Tags: Watchman Video Broadcast 09-19-10, Pastor Mik...
  • video pic
  • Drinking at the Well
  • visit www.revivalhut.com Pastor Ron Bateman teaches about the process of releasing the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2227 )    Duration: ( 00:14:47 )     Uploaded: 11-15-10
  • Tags: Holy Spirit God Jesus Christ Jn 4:10 Samarita...
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