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  • We the People Stimulus Package by Thomas Paine
  • 1 Require all laws that apply to the rest of the country to equally apply to Congress<br />
    <br />
    2 Start by first removing the elite privileges that place your non-representing representatives abo...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2592 )    Duration: ( 00:06:35 )     Uploaded: 04-11-09
  • Tags: We the People Stimulus Package Thomas Paine
  • video pic
  • Rachel Maddow Exposes Obama's Lies Regarding Preventive / Prolonged De...
  • President Obama has completely swung from the rule of law in a speech where he emphasized the importance of the rule of law. This is a real danger to everyone! Our Constitution, the very document the ...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2711 )    Duration: ( 00:07:41 )     Uploaded: 06-18-09
  • Tags: Rachel Maddow Exposes Obama's Lies Regarding ...
  • video pic
  • Obama's Health Care Deception
  • "Public Option" will end up "Single Payer" as They've Planned<br />
    <br />
    Is this health care reform or the path to government run health care? I believe that it is the latter, and for good reason....
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2141 )    Duration: ( 00:05:50 )     Uploaded: 06-18-09
  • Tags: Obama's Health Care Deception, path to govern...
  • video pic
  • A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17
  • More people make a living out of treating cancer or trying to find a cure for it than actually have it. Given these facts is it any wonder that if a cure for cancer where to be known it would be surpr...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2926 )    Duration: ( 00:55:01 )     Uploaded: 07-04-09
  • Tags: B17 cancer cure knowledge laetril laetrile s...
  • video pic
  • Glenn Beck Asks Is the Fed the Biggest Hacker?
  • DO NOT VISIT CARS.GOV before watching this video clip.<br />
    <br />
    Accepting the Privacy Act & Security Statement of Cars.gov "Cash for Clunkers" turns YOUR COMPUTER AND ALL OF ITS CONTENTS into pr...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 1745 )    Duration: ( 00:06:12 )     Uploaded: 08-04-09
  • Tags: Glenn Beck Asks Is the Fed the Biggest Hacker...
  • video pic
  • Google Master Plan
  • Big Brother Watching You?<br />
    <br />
    With all the data collected via free email and software, Google could easily create very detailed profiles on its users. Visit www.masterplanthemovie.com for t...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 1584 )    Duration: ( 00:03:15 )     Uploaded: 08-08-09
  • Tags: Google Master Plan, Big Brother Watching You,...
  • video pic
  • Mind Control, MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien
  • Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien expose the Federal Government's involvement in Mind Control projects, research, and abuse of its' own people. This is the National Shame of the United States Federal Go...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 5639 )    Duration: ( 00:00:02 )     Uploaded: 08-16-09
  • Tags: Mind Control, MKULTRA, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Ph...
  • video pic
  • Freedom Next Time by John Pilger
  • Australian journalist, author, film maker John Pilger speaks about global media consolidation, war by journalism, US military's quest for domination/hegemony in the post 9/11 era, false history in the...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2010 )    Duration: ( 00:43:43 )     Uploaded: 09-30-09
  • Tags: Freedom Next Time by John Pilger
  • video pic
  • Cell Phones, What They Didn't Tell You
  • Have you ever noticed how different your ear or head feels after talking on your cell phone? Dr. Nick Begich reveals the findings of studies the cell phone companies don’t want you to know about.<...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2460 )    Duration: ( 00:28:37 )     Uploaded: 11-14-09
  • Tags: Cell Phones, What They Didn't Tell You, Dr. N...
  • video pic
  • WVB 06-12-11
  • Watchman Video Broadcast 06-12-11, Topics: Apples and UFO's, China - A Nation of Fierce Countenance, Awakening the Beast Within You, visit www.watchmanvideobroadcast.com
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2578 )    Duration: ( 01:08:21 )     Uploaded: 06-12-11
  • Tags: Watchman Video Broadcast 06-12-11, Topics: Ap...
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