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  • video pic
  • Avian Flu - FEMA Train Connection
  • I have re-posted this video from EarthLastHope: http://www.youtube.com/EarthLastHope<br />
    <br />
    This video contains some important information that I believe everyone should know about. Please don...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2225 )    Duration: ( 00:10:59 )     Uploaded: 04-12-09
  • Tags: Avian Flu - FEMA Train Connection
  • video pic
  • Are We Being Set Up With This Flu Scare?
  • I think this is a pre-cursor to a real planned pandemic that will come in the not too distant future, but we are being prepared for it. To trust the CDC who will show through their handling of this si...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2311 )    Duration: ( 00:16:53 )     Uploaded: 04-27-09
  • Tags: Set Up Flu Scare, Swine Flu, CDC, Centers for...
  • video pic
  • AOD 2004 Michael S Heiser, Challenge to Zechariah Sitchin
  • A Challenge to the Works of Zechariah Sitchin - 1:59:03 - Oct 4, 2008 <br />
    <br />
    How Not to Handle Ancient Texts and Why You Should Care About Honesty in Scholarship<br />
    <br />
    Zechariah Sit...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 3753 )    Duration: ( 00:00:02 )     Uploaded: 05-02-09
  • Tags: AOD 2004 Michael S Heiser, Challenge to Zecha...
  • video pic
  • Ministry - Lies Lies Lies
  • A truth movement music video from industrial legends Ministry !<br />
    <br />
    Gentlemen we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government<br />
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2429 )    Duration: ( 00:05:22 )     Uploaded: 05-16-09
  • Tags: Ministry, Lies Lies Lies, truth movement musi...
  • video pic
  • Dolores Cannon, Moving into a New Earth
  • Dolores Cannon is experiencing an evolution in her work as a hypnotherapist. Her clients (who are coming from all over the world) are no longer experiencing regressions into past lives. They are retur...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 38 )    Duration: ( 00:00:02 )     Uploaded: 05-17-09
  • Tags: Dolores Cannon, Moving into a New Earth, ET v...
  • video pic
  • Which Bible Should I Believe by Pastor Mike Hoggard
  • In 1997, God called Pastor Michael Hoggard into an in-depth study of Bible Prophecy. Just two years later, the Lord revealed to him the mathematical uniqueness of the King James Bible. The year 2004 m...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 12495 )    Duration: ( 00:00:02 )     Uploaded: 06-06-09
  • Tags: Which Bible Should I Believe by Pastor Mike H...
  • video pic
  • Run from the Cure, The Rick Simpson Story
  • HEMP OIL IS NOT THE SAME AS "HEMP SEED OIL". Although hemp seed oil does not contain the high concentrations of THC needed to cure cancers, it is very nutritious.<br />
    <br />
    The true story of hemp...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2496 )    Duration: ( 00:58:01 )     Uploaded: 06-26-09
  • Tags: Run from the Cure, The Rick Simpson Story, he...
  • video pic
  • Watchman Video Broadcast 08-19-09
  • Topics<br />
    <br />
    * Rise of the right wing<br />
    * A hate group monitoring hate groups<br />
    * Christianity without the Bible<br />
    * Should Christians observe Muslim holy days to make Muslims ...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 2863 )    Duration: ( 00:58:17 )     Uploaded: 08-19-09
  • Tags: Watchman Video Broadcast 08-19-09, Pastor Mik...
  • video pic
  • Was Dr David Kelly Murdered?
  • Reupload from coffinman3's channel as with the present viral climate this video should be of particular interest to those who are researching the h1n1 swine flu virus and eugenics.<br />
    <br />
    Has ...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 4049 )    Duration: ( 00:08:15 )     Uploaded: 08-22-09
  • Tags: Was Dr David Kelly Murdered, h1n1 swine flu v...
  • video pic
  • Understanding Sustainable Development
  • Michael Shaw of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz explains “sustainable development” i.e., United Nations Agenda 21. If you haven’t heard about it, maybe you should watch. Presented at the Eagle Forum of Ca...
  • Rating    1 Star     Views: ( 3327 )    Duration: ( 00:56:53 )     Uploaded: 08-26-09
  • Tags: Agenda 21, Eagle Forum of California, Freedom...
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