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20090211-01 George Humphrey, Jack McLamb, Glenn Spencer  
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Views: (4442)     Duration: (01:25:45)
Channel: FEMA Camps     Uploaded: 03-28-09

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From: EndGameNow

Video Description:     (More Info)
George Humphrey, former city council member, degreed economist, author, film maker, and very success...
George Humphrey, former city council member, degreed economist, author, film maker, and very successful businessman, stops by.

Alex talks with Arizona's most highly decorated lawman and radio talk show host, Jack McLamb.

Alex finishes the first half of the show with Glenn Spencer, an activist and founder of the American Border Patrol group based in Sierra Vista, Arizona, who advocates greater vigilance in securing the United States–Mexico border against illegal immigration.

Jack McLamb's Website: www.jackmclamb.org
Be sure to read "Vampire Killer 2000"

Glenn Spencer's Website: www.americanpatrol.com
Tags:   "George  Humphrey"  "Jack McLamb"  "Glenn  Spencer"  

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