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AOD 2005 Guy Malone Opening Remarks  
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Channel: Aliens & UFOs     Uploaded: 05-06-09

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From: EndGameNow

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Ancient of Days
Biblical UFO & Abduction Conference

An experiencer himself, Ma...
Ancient of Days
Biblical UFO & Abduction Conference

An experiencer himself, Malone has considered the UFO and abduction phenomena to be real since childhood. Once a somewhat "new age" believer in "beneficial aliens here to help mankind," many factors have since contributed his more sinister understanding of at least the abduction phenomenon. His entry into the field of UFOlogy was the publication of his first website and 1998 book, Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible.

An admittedly under-researched but good "freshman effort," the book tells his own personal childhood experiences, and examines UFOlogy 101 in light of Christianity 101, both in an introductory (cursory) manner. He has since learned that much of the documented UFO phenomenon simply does not so neatly fit his original view of UFOs - or of the Bible!

Spurred by the Heaven's Gate tragedy, in 1999 Malone moved to Roswell New Mexico as a sort of "missionary" - to become more visible and accessible to those whose spiritual views were being influenced by the more occult aspects of UFO belief (opposed to research) - and especially - contact. Opening Alien Resistance HQ in 2000, the storefront has since served as "Roswell's only source for Biblical perspectives on UFOs and abductions," with an emphasis on the angelic view of Genesis 6 (mostly absent from Come Sail Away, and most Christian books on UFOs) and its overlooked implications. Based upon his now exhaustive studies of the Genesis 6 paradigm, he gleans from several sources to inform, challenge and occasionally outrage both the UFO community and the church, each of which he feels hold to incomplete information and even certain dogmas, which ultimately prevent either group from embracing or teaching the full implications of what this, and other related passages, reveal.

For more information visit www.AlienStranger.com or to buy conference DVDs visit www.AncientOfDays.net www.LostArtsMedia.com/ancientofdays.html />
video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5576033409597891811&hl=en />

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